baby forever

by Honey Gentry



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out in the sun drinking cold lemonade
working on your car while i’m sitting in the shade
got my feet in your lap while i listen to you sing
lay on my back and think about nothing

meet behind your house on the cool summer night
we knew it was wrong but it felt so right
you were my boy, i was your baby girl
take it all tonight you can have my whole world

i’ll never forget you & i'll always remember
from the moment we met, i wanted to be your
your baby forever

your baby forever

i met your girlfriend and she said i was cute
i stole you back with the sweet summer fruit
we walk the streets in the black leather night
ii’m stuck to you like a moth to a light

i’ll never regret you
we’re always together
from the moment we met, i wanted to be your
baby forever


released December 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Honey Gentry London, UK

♡ music from the heart of your favourite 70s dreamgirl ♡ infj ♡

lyrics & vocals: honey gentry

ruben elbrond-palmer

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